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Commonly Used Material in Wood Closet Organizers

By Jesse Whitehead

The wood materials that go into the construction of bbq grill mat review are not all created equal. There are numerous grades and types of wood that vary in strength, durability, and cost. This article provides a brief overview of some of the most common woods used in best asics shoes for nurses.












Particle board is the least expensive type of wood used in best blowjob machine. Particle board is an engineered wood also known as Fiberboard. It is manufactured by combining resin with scrap wood, wood chips, and even saw dust. Particleboard is a cheaper alternative to solid wood, and if untreated has a tendency to disintegrate in damp or humid environments.

To fix this problem, manufacturers often cover the surface with a plastic laminate like Melamine, which is glued to the surface. If a laminate material is not used, the surface is often painted. Closet organizers made out of particle board are often available as do-it-yourself kits online and at many home improvement stores.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fiberboard, often referred to as MDF, is another commonly used type of engineered wood. It is heavier and denser than Particleboard, but has similar characteristics due to its components of scrap wood and resin.

Manufacturers widely use MDF is as a construction material for wood closet organizers, because it is plentiful and inexpensive. A laminate material such as Melamine is often affixed to the surface for strength and durability, and has the added advantage of coming in a variety of different colors. Closet organizing systems made of MDF are available from most home improvement stores and online retailers.


Melamine closet systems are made of particleboard or MDF materials, laminated with melamine material that looks like the color and grain of real wood.


Another engineered wood used in closet organizers is plywood. It is made by gluing together numerous thin layers of wood on top of each other with the grain going in alternating directions, which makes it into very strong and stable sheets of wood.

Plywood is made of a finer decorative grade in which a thin layer of real wood laminate is glued to the surface of the wood. Closet organizer products made with Plywood are not as common as those made of particleboard and MDF and can cost 50%-80% more than those made with Particleboard or MDF. Only a few custom closet manufacturers and online retailers offer products made with plywood.

Solid Wood

Real wood is solid wood through and through. No scrap wood, glues, or laminates, just real solid wood. Common types of wood used in closet organizers are oak, pine, birch, and maple. Solid wood is stable, strong, lasts longer, and is more beautiful than engineered wood. Solid wood is more expensive however, due to harvesting, drying, and selection of pieces that do not have defects.

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